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Welcome to Fårö local heritage association

Fårö local heritage association manages some historical buildings such as Nanten´s windmill together with the house were Nanten lived his life as miller. The pilot´s cabin and Jauvika fisherman´s cottage at Lauter harbour are other historical buildings that we preserve for coming generations.

Fårö Museum is our museum of social history where we show cultural items and tell stories from Fårö in various exhibitions. Fårö museum is located in the same building as the Bergmancenter in Fårö former school. See the tab "Fårö Museum".

We also have a museum, Sjöräddningsmuseet, lokated at Ekeviken were we show the boat "Skärsände" and tell stories of risky rescueoperations in the stormy waters of Salvorev, a reef north of Fårö where a lot of ships have been wrecked over the years. See the tab "Sjöräddningsmuseet".

Reed more (in Swedish) under the tab "Våra sevärdheter"

We offer various activities during the summertime such as walking tours, both in the nature and with cultural themes. Different types of lectures are also on the summer agenda. See the tab "Evenemang".

We have published three books with various themes about our island. See the tab "Publikationer".